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Supporting Women through
Pregnancy and Birth
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Welcome! I am Risa Klein, “The Manhattan Midwife,” a highly skilled and experienced Certified Nurse Midwife, OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner, and Certified Prenatal Birth Counselor with 30 years of working in childbirth and with birthing families.  I offer holistic, individualized, specialized midwifery and birth counseling and enhanced, in-depth prenatal education. My long history of academic midwifery training, teaching, and experience in home birth, birth center, and hospital birth settings, together with my holistic counseling approach will ground you, raise your confidence, and preserve your heart-felt desires while addressing and answering your important questions. 


Perhaps you are planning to start your family and are interested in conscious conception counseling. You may be pregnant and have already picked your primary birth care provider (sometimes you may have changed providers), and my role will be to guide you emotionally and spiritually during your pregnancy, post-partum and well into your fourth trimester.  If you have had a previous birth experience that may have been difficult or traumatic, I can help you to process, reframe, review medical records,  and reintegrate those experiences in order to move forward in a healthy way and reach the empowerment you deserve. 


My experience as a Certified Nurse Midwife is that pregnant women have many questions and concerns during their pregnancies that they want to have adequately answered. 


During my clinical midwifery career I have had many healthy, successful birth outcomes, and I attribute these to my in-depth prenatal counseling and ongoing education where I discussed important subjects such as nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes, work modification, physical and emotional changes, family dynamics, preparing for natural childbirth, preparing for Cesarean delivery, integration of older siblings, optimal fetal positioning, preparation for breastfeeding, and how to meet your personal birthing goals. 


Although you will be seeing your midwife or OB/GYN for your routine prenatal care, your visits often may have time constraints that could prevent a thorough discussion of these wellness topics, and may not afford sufficient time to have your concerns addressed.

During your counseling sessions with me, you will have the “tincture of time” to have a thorough discussion of the wellness topics to keep you healthy and low-risk, and feel informed, empowered and confident as you journey toward your birthing day. 

I believe with all my heart that bringing your child into the world and becoming a mother is a sacred and life-changing milestone. I pledge to do everything possible to assist you in having the profound, personal, and deeply satisfying birth experience and motherhood journey that you deserve with my unique counseling services. 


I look forward to hearing your story, your questions, and empowering you by getting to know all about you!  My passion is to inspire, educate, protect and guide you during this transformative time of your life as you journey into this new dimension of life called motherhood and beyond. I am honored to serve you and your family during this miraculous time of your life. 


“Risa Klein gave us the encouragement, skill and compassion to have the birth we dreamed about. She educated us both fully on what to expect so that when our big day came we felt fully confident and empowered both as a couple and as individuals. Our trust in her AS OUR MIDWIFE was and is absolute..”  Love, Hope

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