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Supporting Women through
Pregnancy and Birth
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Our new and exciting Lenox Hill Hospital Midwifery practice has a passion - to inspire, educate, protect, and guide you during your pregnancy, labor, birth, and post partum periods. Risa is a highly skilled senior midwife, and honored to be the Director of Midwives at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. The office is located on Manhattan's Upper East Side near the Q and 6 trains. Our compassionate and experienced certified nurse midwife Alexandra Black, and certified midwife Dia Shepardson, will also provide unique, individualized, and personalized midwifery care.


The midwives have many birth stories to share!

Our growing midwifery practice would be honored to serve you and your family during this miraculous time of your lives.

We believe with all our hearts that bringing your child into the world is a sacred and life changing event. We pledge to do everything possible to assist you in having the profound and personal birth experience that you envision and deserve. Our holistic midwifery care approach will ground you and preserve your heart felt desires while answering and addressing all of your important questions.


“Risa Klein gave us the encouragement, skill and compassion to have the birth we dreamed about. She educated us both fully on what to expect so that when our big day came we felt fully confident and empowered both as a couple and as individuals. Our trust in her AS OUR MIDWIFE was and is absolute..”  Love, Hope

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