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Let's meet and get to know each other. Bring your questions and your vision for giving birth at the Birthing Center and L&D at Mt. Sinai West.

Reaching Me

I'm just a phone call, text or email away 24/7. 

Gynecological Care 

These visits are about your GYN needs, concerns, and quick visits to check out any questions, concerns, or new developments that you have noticed with your body.




Contraceptive Counseling

These visits are tailored for your individual needs. Each woman has her own needs, desires, and understanding of contraception options, and we discuss them all.


Breastfeeding Counseling

I breastfed my daughter and it propelled me into helping my clients establish the first excellent latch on right from birth, and beyond. These visits are designed to follow up and ensure that your baby is latching on well, answer your questions about breastfeeding, nutrition, hydration, and staying healthy during your breastfeeding period which can extend beyond your six week post partum.

Annual Well Women Care starting at the teenage years and spanning through the menopausal years.

This is a comprehensive visit where we do your Pap, Breast exam, and review your nutrition, life style, supplements, and questions.  

Caring for Teenagers is one of my favorite specialty niches to ensure they are empowered about their bodies and know how to take care of them! I make it an enjoyable and memorable experience. I deeply appreciate and respect parents who want to be positive role models and guide their teenage daughters into wellness by navigating their reproductive, contraceptive, and emotional needs!  

Holistic Birth Counseling  

Sessions to help women reframe a past medical challenge,  prior birth experience, or other emotional challenge that has left you feeling disempowered and disconnected from your baby.  Counseling also helps women to identify and move through fears about pregnancy, labor, birth, or mothering. Unresolved fears will resurface and birth counseling is a perfect way to clear them.

VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) Counseling

You bring your medical records and we have a good thorough talk about your prior c section. We reframe and the events leading up to it, and how we can make changes for your upcoming VBAC if it is medically appropriate. VBACs are co managed with my collaborating physician.

Nutrition Counseling

These sessions help you take a good hard look at what you are eating for yourself and your baby, and 'tweaking.'



Conscious Conception Counseling 

This session enable you to plan your conception by looking at your nutrition, lifestyle, medical, reproductive history and make changes to maximize your health prior to getting pregnant. 

Lectures and Events 

I am available to discuss my philosophies about childbirth, well women care, women's reproductive care, and my midwifery practice. Lecture, round table, forum, corporate settings.


I have the experience and the knowledge to guide your twins into this world in a safe and compassionate way. All twins births are co managed with my collaborating physician.

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