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Holistic Birth Counseling  

These sessions help a woman reframe a past medical challenge, prior birth experience, or other emotional challenge that has left you feeling disempowered and disconnected from your baby.  Counseling also helps women to identify and move through fears about pregnancy, labor, birth, or mothering. Unresolved fears will resurface during labor or post partum, and birth counseling is a perfect way to clear them.

TOLAC/VBAC (trial of labor after cesarean/vaginal birth after cesarean) Counseling

You bring your medical records and operative report, and we will have a good, heart to heart and thorough talk about your prior cesarean section. We reframe the events leading up to it, review your medical chart, and implement how we can make changes for your upcoming TOLAC (trial of labor after cesarean / VBAC if it is medically appropriate. VBACs are co-managed with our collaborating Maternal Fetal Medicine physicians. They also do external cephalic versions (ECV) for medically appropriate Breech Baby candidates.

Nutrition Counseling

This session helps you take a good hard look at what you are eating for yourself and your baby. "What are you eating?" is the "Most" Important question your midwife can ask for continued pregnancy wellness! You fill in a nutrition diary and we 'tweak.'



Conscious Conception Counseling 

This session enables you to plan your conception by looking at your nutrition, lifestyle, medical and reproductive history -and make positive changes to maximize your health prior to getting pregnant. 

"I am so thankful to have found Risa to help my husband and I during this journey. During my conscious conception visit we were able to talk about ways to improve my lifestyle to help with my fertility. I had the opportunity to learn about things to avoid, I would have never would have thought of on my own. Risa does not just focus on one aspect of fertility as she explores every part of your lifestyle and thinking to prepare you. Throughout my visit I felt listened too and excited for the journey ahead!"  Vanessa

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